Operated Back-Hoe
Bid and hourly rates

Underground Utilities
Storm Drain, Sewer, Water, Communication, and Gas

Rough grade
Finish grade
Driveways, house
and building pads

Home Owners Associations

Septic Systems

Driveways, walkways, RV pads

Con-span Bridge Systems

Existing utility locations

Fire protection, tree removal, etc.

Snow Plowing

Post Hole Systems
Backhoe, 3 point pitch, or 2 man augers

Concrete, Asphalt, etc.


Wade Ehrlich General Engineering is a privately owned company operating out of El Dorado County. Wade has over 33 years worth of experience in the construction industry. He is well versed in both small and large scale residential and commercial projects. Click this link to contact us for a quote.

Service Area

We provide construction services from San Jose to Redding and cities throughout the Sierra Foothills and Bay Area such as:

  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • Stockton
  • Modesto
  • Vacaville
  • Sacramento

  • Placerville

  • Auburn

  • Tahoe

  • Chico


Ameri Gas

B & B Locating

Gold Country Foods

Barr Excavating

PC Maintenance

Home Depot

US Forest Service

City of Placerville

Wagener Builders